A second killing in Joburg CBD caught on CCTV

Johannesburg – Even as the unarmed man tried to crawl away from his attacker, the gunman shot him several times at close range.

He was left to die in the street, motorists and passers-by trying unsuccessfully to save his life.Sunday night’s attack is captured in the second dramatic footage that emerged this week showing a man being murdered in the Joburg CBD.

On Thursday, The Star reported on a security guard’s murder. He was stabbed to death on Tuesday night after trying to stop youngsters from stealing items from a Newtown mosque.

The two killings have been uploaded to Crime Watch’s YouTube account and shared several times on social media.

The CCTV footage of the man being killed in Jeppestown on Sunday night also shows how police officers in a marked vehicle drove past the scene, viewed the body and drove off.

Police spokesperson Captain Richard Munyai could not comment on the officers’ inaction but said a murder case has been opened.

“No arrests have been made and the motive is unknown,” Munyai said.

In the video footage, uploaded on YouTube on Tuesday, vehicles were seen stopping at a traffic light at the corner of Commissioner and Crown streets. A bakkie is in the far left lane and a taxi in the middle lane. A man climbs out of a taxi and walks across to the pavement on the right side of the road.

The passenger in the bakkie climbs out of the vehicle further up Commissioner Street.

The armed taxi commuter heads towards him and fires about three rounds. The victim tries to get away and stumbles. The attacker’s firearm jams for a moment but then he fires three more bullets. One appears to hit the victim in the head.

The defenceless man tries to crawl away but eventually falls.

The gunman then flees up Crown Street.

A continuation of the footage, which was not uploaded but The Star has seen, shows the man lying in the street motionless as motorists and pedestrians attend to him.

This video also shows the police vehicle driving past the scene about five minutes after the shooting, pausing and then speeding off.

Joburg metro police department spokesperson Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said its CCTV cameras did not capture either the Newtown stabbing or the Jeppestown shooting because they were mostly situated in the city centre.

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