EFF protest at TUT called off

JOHANNESBURG – The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said it has called off today’s protest at the University of Pretoria because their immediate demands have been met.

The party’s student command was due to picket over the presence of private security at the university, and the disciplinary proceedings that were instituted against its members.

The red berets have also called for a review of the institution’s language policies and the predominant use of Afrikaans.

EFF’s Mandisa Mashego said the university has sent written confirmation that the suspensions at the centre of the dispute have been lifted.

“However the picket has just been suspended, has not been cancelled. Should we go back and do an analysis and realise that the university is playing games, we’ll immediately resume all our forces who’re ready to go to the university today.”

Mashego said the party is waiting for final confirmation that private security has been taken off campus.

Earlier, the university had sent out an internal security alert ahead of the demonstration.

The university is yet to confirm the settlement.

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