Velaphi Khumalo wants to be Hitler

It is said, that one man’s action can change the world. In this case, one person’s comment can build and start a vile  of hate. Penny Sparrow made a comment on Facebook that has spiral into a web of chaos. In the few days that followed the comment posted online, there has been many race attacks from all race groups in South Africa but that is not as far fetched as a comment recently posted by Velaphi Khumalo.

Helen Bloomer, just like many scared and worried South Africans believe this kind of hate speech must not be tolerated :

Here so many of us are fighting to get water to 2000 farmers and 70000 workers in the townships of Senekal.. and then racist Civil Servants Xenaphobe bigots like Velhapi Khumalo post hate speech like this on social media… People like this need an exhorsist… and he’ll probably keep his job… and get a promotion.. makes me sick ‪#‎RACISMMUSTFALL‬ I hope the DA does something about this because his racist ANC won’t – Helen Bloomer on Facebook

Gustav Swart also comments on the post wonders what you think of Velaphi Khumalo’s assertion that ‘white people in Africa deserve to be hacked and killed like Jews’. Why is that considered less newsworthy than Ms Sparrow’s bile? Is it because she’s a member of a highly visible and disliked minority? You know… estate agents.

(Neither quote is necessarily worth publicizing, but if one drives the gleefully outraged national conversation for a week then the other merits a second look, right?)

Hitler is a name synonymous with one of the greatest race-hate atrocities in history, Under Hitler’s leadership and racially motivated ideology, the Nazi regime was responsible for the genocide of at least 5.5 million Jews and millions of other victims whom he and his followers deemed Untermenschen (“sub-humans”) and socially undesirable. Hitler and the Nazi regime were also responsible for the killing of an estimated 19.3 million civilians and prisoners of war. In addition, 29 million soldiers and civilians died as a result of military action in the European Theatre of World War II. The number of civilians killed during the Second World War was unprecedented in warfare, and constitutes the deadliest conflict in human history.

An example has been made of jenny sparrow, would the same fate be laid on Velaphi Khumalo to show a balance in the judgement and will of the present government for it’s people. Renard Van Merwe believes this to be an opportunity for the government, if it acts accordingly to win the trust of the minority, who have for long supported opposition parties to garner hope for safety in a black majority country.

‎Daniel Blade Amos‎ , would not allow one citizen to incite hate to the extent as stated on Velaphi Khumalo’s wall and has already laid criminal charges against him. 

I have formally opened a case of Crimen Injuria against Velaphi Vel-hova Khumalo at Bellville SAPS. Case Number : 84/1/2016

Racism has no place in our society. Attached bellow are screenshots of what he said. From what I can tell, he is a Government Employee at the Gauteng Department of Sports, Art, Culture and Recreation. I have since received a response from the GDSACR stating the following :

“Good day Daniel, thank you for your message. We have noted its content and it will be taken to relevant channels within the Department. Regards, GautengSACR Communications”

Please assist me in making sure racism ends.

Velaphi is not the only one perpetuating hate speech and motives on social media, there are a lot but Velaphi Khumalo and Maleven Searge have gone beyond the extent acceptable by law as they are inciting violence.

This country’s imbalance cannot be wholly blamed on one race or the actions of a minority , the government has a role to play in maintaining balance and order and the present government has not only proved that it’s leadership is incapable of holding the economics of this economy but proved with the xenophobic and race issues that it lacks what it takes to create balance in the lives of it’s people.

The presidency is yet to release a national statement or telecast to ensure citizens of their safety and  well-being in the turf of the non-silent, ongoing racial hate speech issues. It is a habit of the present government to wait till there is an incidence before remedy is structured, can the government learn from its predecessors and put a pre-measure in place to address problems before they get out of hands.

A letter has been sent to the state employer at Gauteng department of Arts & Culture, to give response to the allegation laid against its employee, a public servant that has publicly made hatred comments about the white people of this country. Velaphi just like many public servants, who do not understand their public obligations to the citizens of the country, the people who finance their process of remuneration has not withdrawn his statement or made a public apology.

The country is waiting for the response of the political party (ANC) that Velaphi Khumalo is possibly associated with and a possible statement from the DA on this matter, just as it made comments in regards to statement posted by Penny Sparrow and the likes.

The Jewish community of South Africa on the other hand is outraged by Velaphi’s comment and how he has undermined the constitution. In the heat of all these racist issues, there are people who have taken a different approach to the problem, people like David Van Wyk who have made a tremendous contribution to giving citizens hope that not all people from a minority race harbour hate towards fellow citizens.


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