Minister pays tribute to David Bowie

Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa has paid tribute to late musician David Bowie for championing the struggle for equality.

“He spoke out and pointed out uncomfortable truths to those around him about racism. In so doing, he was an agent of change and a trailblazer in many different ways,” Minister Mthethwa said.

Bowie passed away on Sunday after a long illness.

“David Bowie made a unique, inimitable contribution to pop music. He was a pathfinder and he had his finger on the pulse of our times. We shall miss him,” he said.

Minister Mthethwa described Bowie’s music as are real and his lyrics, poetic and prophetic.

David Bowie’s final record was a carefully-orchestrated farewell to his fans, his producer has confirmed. Lazarus, released on the Bowie’s 69th birthday just two days before his death, opens with the lyrics: “Look up here, I’m in Heaven!”

Its video, which will be viewed in a very different light by millions of fans today, features the musician in a hospital bed, and finishes with him retreating in to a dark closet. It now appears the singer and those closest to him arranged its release at the end of his life, after 18 months of living with cancer.

“He had this wonderful gift of being in the world but also in a different reality, two steps ahead. Our condolences go to his family, friends and fans at home and all over the world,” said Minister Mthethwa.

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