Corlette Drive Accident claims two lives

Pretoria – A child and an adult have been killed after a car smashed into a group of children on Louis Botha Avenue in Johannesburg.

According to Netcare 911 paramedics, the driver lost control of the car after a collision with another car and ploughed into a group of children who were standing on a pavement.

The injured children, who were about 16 in total, sustained minor and serious injuries.

Netcare 911 confirmed that two helicopters were dispatched to the scene to airlift the critical patients.


Most of the injured children were between the ages of seven to nine-years-old.

The child who died was reportedly 12 years old. Resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful on the scene.

Acting spokesperson Oupa Bodibe says the children were sent to three different hospitals.

“We are trying to track down the learners’ names, their schools and the contact details of their parents to notify them, so we can tell them which hospitals to go to.”

Meanwhile, the Gauteng Education Department has sent its condolences to the family of a school child who was killed in the deadly crash in Bramley.

Bodibe said, “As a department, we send our condolences to the family of the learner who has been killed and we wish the learners a speedy recovery. We will support the families and the schools.”

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