2nd Technical Issues on FlySAfair

Pretoria – FlySafair has had its second technical issue today, this caused their outbound flight to Capetown to turn around and disembark. In the information gathered from passengers on board the Cape Town-bound flight, was forced to turn back to Johannesburg after the cabin pressure started dropping and oxygen masks were released.

The airline’s CEO Elmar Conradie says they’re not sure what caused the fault.

“It’s under investigation, we’re not 100 percent sure, and it was a very gradual decline in the cabin pressure. There’s a system that controls the cabin pressure to make sure it doesn’t go to the same sort of altitude as what the air craft is and not knowing why it was the case, they initiated safety procedures to turn rather back.”

FlySafair has also sent an apology to customers on flight FA103.

The airline suffered from a similar incident on Friday when a flight, also from Johannesburg to Cape Town, had to return to land due to gradual loss of cabin pressure.

FlySafair says its technical teams are presently investigating the source of last night’s incident, but say that early indications are that the two issues are not related.

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