Talent Boom fires Nicole de Klerk for racist remarks

The victim of the latest racial incident at the Queen’s Plate event in the Western Cape says she’s hurt by the episode in which she was called by the k-word. Advertising agency Talent Boom’s employee Nicole de Klerk allegedly hurled the k-word at a group of professionals at the event yesterday.

As the 2016 racism wave continues, another incident of racism set Twitter alight on Sunday. Nicole de Klerk, a former employee of The Talent Boom in Cape Town was fired just two days after her employment for allegedly calling guests ‘k****rs’. The incident is said to have occurred at the Queen’s Plate horse-racing event.

One Twitter user, Siqhamo Yamkela Ntola, said he witnessed the incident and shared what happened on his profile. According to Ntola, this happened over a chair whose owner was not sitting on at the time. When a man asked if the chair was taken, Ntola said he told him the chair was indeed taken. This is when De Klerk walked in and started shouting at Ntola and his friends. When they asked her to leave, she then called another woman a ‘k****r’. *Image attached*

“When security gets there and inquires, she proudly says ‘I called them k****rs because that’s what they are’,” he says.

The Talent Bloom also posted their statement on Twitter, explaining De Klerk started working there on Wednesday, 6 January 2016. They further said Nicole had been dismissed from the company. *Image attached*

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